WordPress Page Redirects

December 8, 2016 - 4 minute read

If you can log into WordPress and follow a couple of simple directions, you can set up automatic redirects. It’s super useful for your Box Builder landing pages.

For those of you who are Box Builder customers, there have been a number of questions about how to best use the automatically generated landing pages that come with our campaigns. Let’s use the Exit & Reacquisition Campaign as an example.

If you want to use the embed code that we provide to put the form on your own website, you could just create a new page in WordPress and paste the code in there. If you’d rather just use the turn-key page that we make for you, you’ve likely noticed that the website address (known as a URL) is pretty inconvenient. You’re not going to tell a member to go to https://hosted-page-service.sbsp.io/v1/url/db40354c-b6e1-4acf-8012-183f7b411c55/cancellation_landing_page to fill out their form, right? Wow. That’s a mouthful.

Wouldn’t it be better if that page could just live at http://yourgym.com/cancel? Yeah, we thought so. It’s super easy to do if you have a WordPress site. Here’s how to do it – note that WordPress admin level access is required.

Step 0: Log Into WordPress

Short Version: You need to be an admin-level user to do this. If you don’t see the Plugins menu on the left-hand side, you’re not one. In this case, you’ll need to contact your web designer for help.

Step 1: Install & Activate A Plugin

Short Version: Install “Eggplant Redirects” plugin. After you install it, you must activate it in order to use it.

I typically use a plugin called Eggplant Redirects. There are a ton out there – I honestly just picked this one a long time ago and it’s always worked, so I always use it.

To install it, you must first log into your WordPress site. From there, click on Plugins -> Add New and then search for “Eggplant Redirect”. It’ll look like this:

Where my button in the top right says “Active”, yours will say “Install”. Go ahead and install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Set Up A Redirect

Short Version: Go To Settings -> EPS Redirects, put in the forwarding URL and the destination URL, and hit save.

After your plug is activated, click on Settings -> EPS Redirects. It will bring up the control panel for the plugin.

You’ll see what basically amounts to two columns. The column on the left is the web address that someone would type in, ie http://yourgym.com/cancel, and the one on the right is the URL of the actual Box Builder Landing Page (or whatever other destination you would like – there’s a ton of ways to use this).

Go ahead and set one up! For those of you who have launched Exit & Reacquisition, type in “cancel” in the left hand column and the paste the URL of your Box Builder Landing Page (you can find this in your instructions that came via email when the Campaign went live) in the right column.

Hit save, and you’re all set! It’s now redirecting. Done deal!

Another important note is that this has no effect on how the page shows up when you link to it via Facebook – it’ll automatically push through the redirect to the real page and grab your images, page title, etc.

Happy redirecting!


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