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Build Relationships

It's tough to provide valuable information to potential members when you're drowning in email. If you're only reaching out to a potential member one or two times, you're missing out on valuable opportunities.

Build Your Business

Retaining your members and increasing their value is more important than recruiting new ones. Box Builder's retention campaigns will help you keep your members happy and make sure that you stay in the loop.

Build An Empire

Consistent action leads to sustainable growth. By combining our add-on campaigns and programs with your gym's unique culture, you can provide your members with an awesome experience that they'll never forget.

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Let's imagine a few scenarios. What happens when...

  • Someone submits their information via web form?

    As soon as the form is filled out, the Box Builder platform sets the wheels in motion. We send your future customer a couple of emails that introduce the gym and the owner(s), - and we also remind them to make an appointment to come in for a consultation. If they don't make an appointment after two days, we'll generate a task for an employee of your choice that instructs them to call the customer! This is just the beginning - consistent outreach over multiple streams of communication provide some outstanding results.

  • Someone clicks on my gym's Facebook ad?

    In addition to integrating with your website, Box Builder includes landing pages that drive to the conversion of your choice. For instance, if you target a Facebook Ad to promote your free consultation and fitness assessment, the landing page will provide the customer with a form to submit their information and an opportunity to schedule immediately. Again, if they enter their information but don't schedule the appointment, we'll enter them into an outreach campaign to keep the lines of communication open.

  • Someone schedules a consultation with my coach?

    Thanks to our integration with Acuity Scheduling, we can leverage their awesome platform to power all of our appointment scheduling, completely synced with your Google Calendar. Once the appointment is scheduled, the emails change to reflect their updated status - we stop generating tasks for your staff to call them, and the informational emails that they receive include a convenient appointment reminder.

    After the consultation, your coaches can just open up Box Builder, enter the pertinent information so we can keep track of it, and select the outcome of the appointment - which will guide the future campaigns that they are entered in!

How Does Ordering Work?

After you place your order for Box Builder, we'll send you an email with the information that you need in order to get started. As soon as you get the information together, you'll be able to schedule an onboarding call with us - and you'll be live the same day! It's as simple as that - we'll jump on a web meeting with you, show you around, and make sure that you get off to a strong start! After that, they sky is the limit!

We are a small company that is fiercely dedicated to our product - what this means for you is that you’ll be able to get in on the ground floor and have a direct line to our staff to provide feedback, make recommendations for features, and let us know how to make Box Builder even more awesome! We take personal accountability for the quality of our product - and we can't wait to bring you on board!

Still have questions? Book a phone call with one of our founders and we’ll walk through everything.


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A few common questions

If you want to know more, schedule the phone consultation! We love talking to people.

How Does Box Builder Work?


Box Builder is a fully-configured marketing and retention tool that will build relationships with you leads and members in every phase of the client life-cycle. From turn-key paid social media advertising strategies to an organized member intake process to retention and referral programs, Box Builder will strengthen your community and get you some valuable time back.

See The Box Builder "6 Module Roadmap"

In addition to all of the turn-key campaigns, Box Builder is also a full-featured CRM and email management system. You'll be able to see all correspondence that any of your staff members have with one of your leads or members - all in one place. Need to email the members of your Barbell Club and your Bootcamp class but not your Yoga members? No problem - click, type, send. It's that easy.

Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg – for more information, feel free to schedule a phone call with one of our owners. There’s no charge – we stand behind our work and will answer any questions that you may have!

What's it Like To Get Started?


After the onboarding process begins, you'll receive an email with a link to your account. You'll pick your username and password and boom - you're in. After that, you'll set up your account by working through the Branding module - Box Builder will analyze your website, find your logo, automatically pick out your branding colors, and ask you to approve it all.

Once that's done, you'll just roll through, module by module, filling out some questions about how your gym operates. Box Builder will automatically take that information and mold our content so it fits - it's that easy. Of course, if you hit any speedbumps along the way, Team RYG is only a click away - we'll be happy to walk you through the process.


What software does Box Builder work with?


frontdesk-e1454173479842Our core features work on any website and with any platform, but we have built some special integrations with our friends at Front Desk. If you are on the fence about membership management software, we HIGHLY recommend using Front Desk with Box Builder.

Reading this website will only get you so far. It's time to take action.