Box Builder is the last business assistant your gym will ever need.

Organize your leads. Grow a fiercely loyal community. Get some of your valuable time back. If you're tired of trying to balance your emails with your coaching schedule, it's time for us to lend a hand.

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Take Control Of Your Leads

Still got a contact form on your site that sends info to your Gmail? Let’s step that game up a bit. It’s time to organize your leads so you know who has been contacted and who is most likely to join up.


Customized Content

We don’t carelessly blast people with emails. Everything that Box Builder sends is branded for your gym, and you’ll have full control over the content – we just give you the starting point.


Let's Get Efficient

No more digging through your email trying to find phone numbers! When it’s time for someone to be manually contacted, our Dashboard will create a task for your employees and assign it to them, so they know who to call and what the goal is.


Metrics That Matter

We love data. From how many workouts someone completes (requires FrontDesk membership software) to why someone may have canceled their membership, we gather data on your behalf and use it to create campaigns that increase retention and position your business as the premier gym in town.


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